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About McKinley Capital Management Funds PLC

McKinley Capital Management Funds PLC (the "Company") is an open-ended investment company with variable capital organised under the laws of Ireland as a public limited company pursuant to the Irish Companies Acts and the European Communities (UCITS) Regulations 2011 ("Regulations"). The Company was formed on 14 November 2008 under registration number 464355 and authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland ("Central Bank") on 27 March 2009. Its sole object, as set out in Clause 2 of the Company's Memorandum of Association, is the collective investment in transferable securities and other liquid financial assets referred to in Regulation 68 of the Regulations of capital raised from the public. The Company operates on the basis of risk spreading.

The Company is organised in the form of an umbrella fund with segregated liability between funds. The Company has obtained the approval of the Central Bank for the establishment of the McKinley Capital Dividend Growth Fund (the "fund"). Additional funds may be established by the Company with the prior approval of the Central Bank. A Fund may consist of one or more classes of Shares. A separate pool of assets will not be maintained for each class within a Fund.